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Black Note was born to create a line of naturally extracted tobacco vaping liquid that actually tastes like tobacco, and the company history stretches back for six generations of tobacconist. Our journey to create the most authentic-tasting tobacco e-liquid on earth started when we realized none of the “tobacco” e-liquids on the market actually tasted like tobacco.
After years of research and development, we were able to craft an exceptional product that tastes like the real thing. Black Note is obsessed with delivering real tobacco taste, and using the most responsible methods for doing so.

Black Note tobacco vaping liquids aren’t made in a day – or even a year. Each batch of naturally extracted tobacco e-liquid undergoes a nine-step creation process that takes two to three years to complete.

We use only non-GMO tobacco seeds, hand-selecting the very best cultivar lines of Nicotiana Tabacum that are susceptible to natural cold extraction.

Black Note’s products do not contain any laboratory-made, synthetic compounds associated with artificial flavors and sweeteners. These include the likes of Diacetyl, Acetyl Propionyl, Ethylene Glycol, and Diethylene Glycol, all of which have been shown to be harmful to health.

We have a full spectrum of tobacco e-liquid production that enables us to do everything from A to Z, from tobacco seed to tobacco vaping liquid. Our team includes a P.h.D. chemist, scientist, organoleptic, and tobacco leaf experts.

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