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Avidartisan Daedalus DIY Coil Jig Tool Kit


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Avidartisan Daedalus DIY Coil Jig Tool Kit is the world’s first clapton DIY Tool.  This is an amazing tool that allows you to create the perfect coil for your rebuildable tank or dripper.

In addition to a traditional coil maker the Daedalus DIY tool enhances the ability to construct your own flat Clapton coils, Staple Clapton coils, Fused Clapton coils, Alien Clapton coils and much more depending how much creative you are. Create incredible coils with everything you need in one kit. Avidartisan has created the art beyond your imagination, and if you are looking to save money this DIY Tool is the perfect choice for you.

Size : 125mm x 45mm x 80mm
Color: Black

Package Includes:

  • 1pc Smart Coil Jig
  • 1pc Daedalus Body
  • 1pc Tool Clamp
  • 1pc User Manual
  • 2pc Springs
  • 2pc Screw Nuts
  • 2pc Swivel Coastlock
  • 2pc Magical Clapton Tool
  • 1pc Metal accessory
1. Please operate it on the flat platform &  try to keep the smart cool jig working smoothly.
2. Please select the proper hole which depends on the wire gauge.
3. Please try to keep the suitable intensity of the screw nut for guaranteeing the smoothness of the wire. It’s easy to break when the screw is tight.
4. Please try to keep the proper speed to build the different clapton coil.
5. Please manually push the smart coil jig back gently when the wire won’t go through automatically
6. Please try more times with patience and if you have a problem with the tool,  refer to a helpful Youtube video for assistance. Use your imagination and build the clapton coil you want with the Daedalus.


Thank you. Enjoy your Discount.

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