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14G Blunt Dispensing Needle Tip


  • Super Handy for Sucking up Thick Liquids Like PG and VG
  • 1.4mm internal diameter
  • Useful for Reaching Into corners of Bottle
  • Great For Filling Pods

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When you’re DIYing your eliquid, these quality 14G Blunt Dispensing Needle Tips will save the day!
With a generous 1.4mm internal diameter, they’re super handy for sucking up thick liquids like PG and VG and flavour concentrates in your DIY e-liquid preparation.  They’re also really useful for reaching into corners of bottles or loading your pod cartridges which tend to have small fill holes.

Features & Specs:

  • 14-gauge blunt needle, compatible with our range of syringes
  • Inner diameter: 1.4mm
  • Length: 1.5″
  • Multi-purpose: You can use syringe needle set for DIY mixing e-liquid, e-juice, refilling e-cigs, inks and refilling fountain pen cartridges etc
  • Precision Blunt Stainless Steel dispensing Tips
  • ISO Standard helix Luer Lock Design – The dispensing needle blunt tips are luer lock and slip tip.
  • Please NOTE these syringe needles are non-sterile and are not for medical use

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