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The experience of V is crisp, clean and authentic, with a flavour similar to smoking Cigarettes, RYO, and Pipe Tobacco. Like all Black Note products, it also boasts a real tobacco taste that simply can’t be recreated with synthetic ingredients.
V is different from our traditional ‘Blacknote’ vaping liquid in a few notable ways.
However what is still the same is that real tobacco is at the core of V, just like our other liquids.

Differences Include:
* Being produced at much higher quantities instead of formulated in small batches
* Using a blend of several different types of tobacco, similar to Cigarettes, RYO, and Pipe Tobacco, although we still leave out the fillers and artificial ingredients you find in tobacco products or largely synthetic vaping liquids. And, of course, there’s no tar.
* And the multiple differences in quantity of production and packaging all translate to a lower cost than our traditional liquids.

By contrast, our original collection of Black Note tobacco vaping liquids each contain a single tobacco cultivar to produce the finest, purest tobacco flavors.

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